Principal Scientist (Soil & Water Conservation Engg)

Expertises and Achievements:

  • Developed an Irri-agro Informatics Geodatabase of the Western Yamuna Canal command for characterizing biophysical resource constraints in saline environments at six scales in order to predict crop yield loss and subsequently developed a web map service for online dissemination to stakeholders.
  • Developed a groundwater quality database of Haryana and identified four fluoride potential zones of groundwater using GIS for suggesting fluoride contents in crop produce and its impact on public health.
  • Developed and disseminated DSS programs for WYC Command for enhancing productivity under various resource scenarios in saline environments to state department and KVKs, as well as for groundwater quality for suggesting its suitability for irrigation and effects on produce quality.
  • Developed and demonstrated remote sensing and GIS based methodologies/protocols for identification and delineation of area of low productivity, waterlogged, sodic and saline lands in the Western Yamuna Canal, IGNP and Sharda Shayak canal commands.
  • Tested and demonstrated electromagnetic based proximal sensing methodology for rapid salinity assessment and mapping in 3-D in canal commands.

Awards/Special recognitions:

  • University Gold Medal for B. Tech (Agricultural Engineering) in 1991, JNKVV, Jabalpur
  • Recipient of Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Programme 2000 UK for PhD in Remote Sensing Technology at Cranfield University, Silsoe, UK.
  • Reviewers of manuscripts of internationally peer reviewed journals viz. Journal of Environmental Quality and Journal of Hydrology besides the national journals of India.


  • International visit to UNSW Australia, Sydney during 12-21 Feb 2016 on EM data processing and salinity modelling under Australia-India Collaborative Project on Salinity and Sodicity Mapping in 3D-Seeing is Believing
  • International Training on Improving Water Productivity in Agricultural Systems with Emphasis on Irrigation and Salinity Management held at ICARDA, Amman, Jordan during 27 Oct -14 Nov 2013
  • International visit to Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering, Texas A& M University, College Station, Texas, US during 13 Sep-14 Oct 2011 on Irrigation District Decision Support System


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Current and Past Research Projects:

  • ICAR Extramural Research Project on Spatio-temporal Monitoring of Secondary Salinization in the Indira Gandhi Canal Command using Geoinformatics (as PI)
  • Performance Evaluation of Subsurface Drainage Systems in Haryana and to Implement Interventions for Improving Operational Performance and Impact (as PI)
  • Australia-India Collaborative Project on Salinity and Sodicity Mapping in 3D- Seeing is Believing (as PI)
  • ICAR-ICARDA Collaborative Project on Improving Crop and Water Productivity in Indira Gandhi Canal Command Area (as Co-PI)
  • NAIP Project on Decision Support System for Enhancing Productivity in Irrigated Saline Environment using Remote Sensing, Modelling and GIS with two partners, IARI New Delhi & NIH Roorkee (as CPI)
  • NAIP Project on Development of Spectral Reflectance Methods and Low Cost Sensors for Real-Time Application of Variable Rate Inputs in Precision Farming (as Co-PI)

Mailing Address

ICAR - Central Soil Salinity Research Institute
Room No. 24, Zarifa Farm, Kachhwa Road
Karnal-132001 (Haryana) India