National Funded Research Projects

  1. Intellectual property management transfer/commercialization of agricultural technologies renamed as NAIF. (M.J.Kaledhonkar, Krishnamurthy S.L., D.S. Bundela and Ajay Kumar Bhardwaj); ICAR
  2. NRMACSSRICOP201500400880. Climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies for salt affected soils. (Ajay K. Bhardwaj, Ranbir Singh, R.K. Singh, Rakesh Banyal, R.K. Fagodiya, U.K. Mandal, Shishir Raut, K.K. Mahanta and V.K. Mishra )-NICRA, ICAR
  3. NRMACSSRISOL201501600892. Molecular genetic analysis of resistance/tolerance in rice, wheat, chickpea and mustard including sheath blight complex genomics. [(Rice: component 1): Krishnamurthy, S.L. and P.C. Sharma, (Chickpea: component 3): S.K. Sanwal, P.C. Sharma, (Mustard: component 4): Jogendra Singh, P.C. Sharma and Vijayata Singh)] – ICAR, New Delhi
  4. NRMACSSRISOL201502200898. CRP on Conservation Agriculture ‘Productive utilization of salt affected soils through conservation agriculture”. (Ranbir Singh, Arvind Kumar Rai, Parvender and Priyanka Chandra)-ICAR
  5. NRMACSSRISOL201602000918. CRP on water “Evaluation of Irrigation System and Improvement Strategies for Higher Water Productivity in Canal Command”. (Chhedi Lal Verma, A.K. Singh, Dr. Y.P. Singh, Sanjay Arora, T. Damodaran, V. K. Mishra S.K. Jha and C.S. Singh)-ICAR
  6. NRMACSSRICOP201602100919. CRP on water “Groundwater contamination due to geogenic factors and industrial effluents and its impact on food chain” (Anil R. Chinchmalatpure, David Camus D. and Shrvan Kumar)-ICAR
  7. NRMACSSRICOL201602400922. Developing the alternate strategies for reclamation of sodic soils. [Arvind Kumar Rai, Nirmalendu Basak, R. L. Meena, R. K. Yadav, P.C. Sharma, Parul Sundha, S.K. Jha and U.R. Khandkar, AICRP (MSUSWA), Indore]- RIL
  8. NRMACSSRISOL201602500923.Mineral nutrient diagnostic and site specific nutrient management demonstrations to improve agricultural productivity of salt affected soils in Haryana.(Anita Mann, R.K Yadav, Parvender, Ashwani Kumar and B.L. Meena) -RKVY
  9. NRMACSSRISOL201602600924. Empowering farmers through selective interventions in salt affected agroecosystems of Ghaghar Plains. {(Parvender, R.K. Singh, Satyendra Kumar, Arvind Kumar, R. Raju, Arijit Burman, Kailash Prajapat, Dar Jaffer Yusuf and K. Punnusamy (NDRI)}- Farmer FIRST ICAR
  10. NRMACSSRICOL201701600940. Developing low cost ameliorating amendments for reclamation of sodic soils by suing municipal solid waste. (Gajender, R.K. Yadav, Madhu Choudhary, Bhaskar Narjary, Ashim Datta and Parul Sundha) -DST
  11. NRMACSSRICOL201701700941. Potential gene mining from salt tolerant grasses for improvement of stress tolerance in crops. {(Anita Mann, Ashwani Kumar, Arvind Kumar, B.L. Meena, Monendra Grover & D.C. Mishra (IASRI, New Delhi), and Parameswaran C. (NRRI, Cuttack)}-NASF-ICAR
  12. NRMACSSRICOL201701800942. Developing alternatives to gypsum using nanotechnology-based approaches for efficient and cost-effective reclamation of sodic soils. (Ajay Kumar Bhardwaj)-LBS Award
  13. NRMACSSRICOL201701900943. Agricultural livelihood in Eastern coastal region of India under climate and environmental Risk (Subhasis Mandal) –LBS Award project
  14. NRMACSSRICOL201702000944. Phyto-remediation potential of selected halophytes for salt affected lands of Haryana. (Ashwani Kumar, Arvind Kumar, B.L. Meena and Anita Mann) –RKVY
  15. NRMACSSRICOL201702100945. Identification of salt tolerant scion and rootstocks in mango and low chill temperate fruits. (Anshuman Singh, Ashwani Kumar, R.K. Yadav and P.C. Sharma)- RKVY
  16. NRMACSSRICOL201702200946. CRP on Agro-Biodiversity- Sub. Project 1. Characterization, Multiplication and evaluation for important biotic and abiotic traits of plant genetic resources of selected crops (NBPGR) Component II (Biotic and abiotic evaluation) under sub-project-I (Arvind Kumar and P.C. Sharma)-ICAR
  17. NRMACSSRICOL201702300947. Network project on Functional Genomics and genetic modification in crops (NPFGGM) salt tolerance in rice. (S.L. Krishnamurthy and P.C. Sharma) – ICAR- NPTC, New Delhi
  18. NRMACSSRICOL201702400948. CRP on Agro-Biodiversity—Component 2 -Evaluation of rice germplasm accessions against biotic/abiotic stresses. (Krishnamurthy S.L. and P.C. Sharma)-ICAR
  19. NRMACSSRISIL201600200900. Impact of Eucalyptus plantations in waterlogged saline ecologies in Indo Gangetic plains. (R. Banyal, Ajay K. Bhardwaj, R.K. Singh, Gajender and Manish Kumar)
  20. NRMACSSRICOL201702600950. HOPP Project “Technical guidance on monitoring & evaluation of large scale SSD projects in Haryana”{Team Leader: PC Sharma, D.S. Bundela (PI) Team A: Satyendra Kumar, Arijit Barman and Kailash Prajapat and Team B: R.L. Meena, Bhaskar Narjary, R. Raju, R.K. Fagodiya, Raj Mukhopadhyay and Dar Jaffer Yusuf)
  21. NRMACSSRICOL201702700951. Network project on AMAAS “Harnessing the rhizosphere diversity with dynamic substrate to induce tolerance to biotic and biotic stress for commercial cultivation of agri-horticultural crops in partially reclaimed sodic soils. (T. Damodaran, V.K. Mishra and S.K. Jha)
  22. NRMACSSRICOL201702800952. Management of harvested rainwater for enhancing water productivity and revival of village pond through scientific interventions in saline vertisol area of Gujarat. (Anil R. Chinchmalatpure, Shrvan Kumar and Sagar Vibhute D.)-DST
  23. NRMACSSRICOL201801000963. Assessing potential of microbial enriched municipal solid waste compost for improving soil health and sustaining productivity of sodic soils. (Y.P. Singh, Sanjay Arora, V.K. Mishra and Atul K. Singh)- CST,UP
  24. NRMACSSRISOL201801200964. From QTL to Variety: Genomics assisted introgression and field evaluation of rice varieties with genes/QTLs for yield under drought, flood and salt stress. (Krishnamurthy S.L. and P.C. Sharma)
  25. NRMACSSRISOL201801600968. Development of Energy Efficient and Environment Protective Aquaculture Technologies for Degraded Soil. (D.S. Bundela, Raj Mukhopadhyay and Dar Jaffer Yusuf) (Funded by NAHEP) Lead Center is CIFE Mumbai.
  26. Methodology for real-time assessment of salt affected soil Ghaghar Plain of Haryana using hyperspectral remote sensing. (Arijit Barman, A.K. Mandal, Bhaskar Narjary and Parvender)
  27. NICRA project Focused collection of climate-smart germplasm of rice and wheat, their valuation and genetic enhancement through pre-Breeding for abiotic stress tolerance (Arvind Kumar (Co-PI)