Q:    What is AICRP on Management of Salt Affected Soils and Use of Saline Water and its role in the activities of the Institute ?

A :As the name suggest, it is All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP) on Management of Salt Affected Soils and Use of Saline Water.  It has 8 centers in seven states covering various agro-ecological conditions in which salt affected soils and water occur.  Funds to these centers are provided by the Council and these centers work on pre-identified projects of regional and national importance.  They also test CSSRI technologies with location specific modifications so that national guidelines could be developed.  First approximation map of ground water quality and groundwater quality guidelines for irrigation emerged from the joint efforts of CSSRI/AICRP.

Q :    Where are the centers of AICRP located ?

S.No Centres
1 Agra
Dr. Bhu Dayal, Officer Incharge, RBS College of Agriculture, Bichpuri-283105, Agra (Uttar Pradesh)
Tel. No. 0562-2776463
e-mail : aicrp.salinity[at]gmail[dot]com
2 Bapatala
Dr. (Mrs.) G.V.Lakshmi, Officer Incharge, Agricultural College Farm, Bapatla-522101 , Dist. Guntur (Andhra Pradesh)
Tel. No. 08643-225766
e-mail : lakshmigv_18[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in
3 Bikaner
Dr. B.L.Kumawat, Officer Incharge,Agricultural Research Station, Rajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner -334006 (Rajasthan)
Tel. No. 0151-2250870, 2250562
e-mail : saltsars[at]yahoo[dot]com
4 Gangawati
Dr. S.L.Budihal, Officer Incharge, Agricultural Research Station, Gangawati, Dist. Koppal (Karnataka).
Tel. No. 08533-271030
e-mail : s.l.budihal[at]gmail[dot]com
5 Hisar
Department of Soils, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar (Haryana)
Tel. No. 01662-289278, 289167
6 Indore
Dr. U.R.Khandkar, Officer Incharge, College of Agriculture, Indore-452001 (MP)
Tel. No. 0731-2701683
7 Kanpur
Dr. Ravinder Kumar, Officer Incharge, Agriculture College, C.S.Azad University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur-208002 (Uttar Pradesh)
Tel. No. 0512-2573063
e-mail : drpandeys[at]rediffmail[dot]com
8 Tiruchirapalli
Dr. M.Sheik Dawood, Officer Incharge, TNAU, AD Agriculture College & Research Institute, Kuttapattu, Tiruchirapalli-620 009
Tel. No. 0431-2690692
e-mail : msdawood_1951[at]yahoo[dot]com

Q:    How to contact these centers? Do one need to approach through the coordinating unit at Karnal ?

A :No, one can contact the centers directly for the necessary information.  However, in case of difficulty coordinating unit could facilitate the contact.