Computer Centre

The Computer Centre was established in 1988 with the aim to provide computing facilities to scientists and research staff of the Institute. Over the years, services of the Centre have been expanded with procurement of a new ICT infrastructure to match with rapid advancement in Information and Communication technology (ICT) and provide quality internet and mail services to the staff and maintenance of their computers and peripherals. The Centre has maintained one of the best computing facilities in the ICAR system with more than 150 PCs backed by appropriate application software and trained manpower. The Centre has also developed a new institute website and also updates it regularly.
The Computer Centre is equipped with new ICT infrastructure under XI Plan such as 2 mbps lease line from BSNL (being upgraded to 60 mbps), new linux based Dell web and mail servers, and new LAN network to support the internet and intranet requirement of the institute. It facilitates central services such as colour laser printing and scanning, additional computer supports for guest users and students, and appropriate application software.

Services Offered

  • Maintenance of Internet and CSSRI Mail services
  • Maintenance of computers and peripherals
  • Maintenance of application software licenses
  • Colour scanning and printing
  • Document processing and format conversion services
  • MIS reports
  • Training to staff and sponsored students.
  • Conduction of computer-based exams
  • IT Support to administration