Publication and Supporting Services Unit (PSSU) is compiling and publishing the information  related to reclamation and management of salt affected soils in the form of Annual Report, Salinity News, Technical Reports, Books, Bulletins, Folders and Training Manuals etc. and making them available to the different stakeholders for free. With the advent of digital information systems, the scope has expanded to include electronic publishing on the Institute Website. The PSSU services are threefold: (1) Information services (2) Publication services (3) Support services like organizing the seminar, conferences, meetings, annual day function, Kisan Mela/Ghosthi etc. Also PSSU helps in creating institutional repositories to support the archiving and distribution of a wide range of research materials produced by faculty in the Institute.

Dr. HS Jat, CO
Dr. Anshuman Singh, Officer-in-Charge
Sh. Madan Singh, Sr. Technical Officer
Sh. Dilawar Singh, Sr. Technical Assistant


  1. Research Papers

(As per Naas rating 2020)

Year Total Number of Research Papers No. of Research Papers having NAAS rating >6 No. of Research Papers having NAAS rating <6
2015-16 108 48 60
2016-17 114 59 55
2017-18 75 35 40
2018-19 131 69 62
2019 102 53 49



Best 10-high impact factor research papers- 2019

  1. Shyamsundar, P., Springer, N.P., Tallis, H., Polasky, S., Jat, M.L., Sidhu, H.S., Krishnapriya, P.P., Skiba, N., Ginn, W., Ahuja, V. and Cummins, J.,  Datta, I., Dholakia, H.H., Dixon, J., Gerard, B., Gupta, R., Hellmann, J., Jadhav, A., Jat, H.S., Keil, A., Ladha, J.K., Lopez- Ridaura, S., Nandrajog, S.P.,  Paul, S., Ritter, A., Sharma, P.C., Singh, R., Singh, D. and Somanathan, R. 2019. Fields on fire: Alternatives to crop residue burning in India. Science, 365: 536-538. (IF: 41.85)
  2. Mukhopadhyay, Raj, Adhikari, Tapan, Sarkar, Binoy, Barman, Arijit, Paul, Ranjan, Patra, A.K. Patra, Sharma, P.C. and Kumar, Parveen. 2019. Fe-exchanged nano-bentonite outperforms Fe3O4 nanoparticles in removing nitrate and bicarbonate from wastewater. Journal of Hazardous Materials. 376: 141-152. (IF: 7.65)
  3. Mukhopadhyay, Raj, Manjaiah, K.M., Datta, S.C. and Sarkar, Binoy. 2019. Comparison of properties and aquatic arsenic removal potentials of organically modified smectite adsorbents. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 377: 124-131. (IF: 7.65)
  4. Sapkota, T.B., Vetter, S.H., Jat, M.L., Sirohi, S., Shirsath, P.B., Singh, R., Jat, H.S., Smith, P., Hillier, J. and Stirling, C.M., 2019. Cost-effective opportunities for climate change mitigation in Indian agriculture. Science of the Total Environment, 655: 1342–1354. (IF: 5.68)
  5. Joshi, R., Sahoo, K. K., Singh, A.K., Anwar, K., Pundir, P., Gautam, R.K., Krishnamurthy, SL, Sopory, S.K., Pareek, A., Lata, S., Singla, Pareek. 2019. Enhancing trehalose biosynthesis improves yield potential in marker-free transgenic rice under drought, saline, and sodic conditions, Journal of Experimental Botany, erz462, (IF: 5.36)
  6. Jat, H.S., Datta, A., Choudhary, M., Yadav, A.K., Choudhary, V., Sharma, P.C., Gathala, M.K., Jat, M.L. and McDonald, A. 2019. Effects of tillage, crop establishment and diversification on soil organic carbon, aggregation, aggregate associated carbon and productivity in cereal systems of semi-arid Northwest India. Soil and Tillage Research, 190: 128-138. (IF: 4.68)
  7. Patra, S., Julich, S., Feger, K.H., Jat, M.L., Jat, H.S., Sharma, P.C. and Schwärzel, K., 2019. Soil hydraulic response to conservation agriculture under irrigated intensive cereal-based cropping systems in a semiarid climate. Soil and Tillage Research, 192: 151-163. (IF: 4.68)
  8. Datta, A., Mandal A.K., and Yadav, R.K. 2019. Proper measurement of electrical conductivity and other parameters influence profile salinity and sodicity under different land uses. Ecological Indicators, 101: 1004–1006. (IF: 4.49)
  9. Mishra, P., Jain, Ajay, Takabe,Teruhiro, Tanaka, Yoshito, Negi, Manisha, Singh, Nisha, Jain, Neha, Mishra,Vagish, Maniraj, R., Krishnamurthy, S.L., Sreevathsa, Rohini, Singh, N. K., Rai, Vandna. 2019. Heterologous expression of serine hydroxymethyltransferase3 from rice confers tolerance to salinity stress in E coli and Arabidopsis. Frontiers in Plant Science. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2019.00217. (IF: 4.11)
  10. Jat, H.S., Sharma, P.C., Datta, A., Choudhary, M., Kakraliya, S.K., Singh,Yadvinder, Sidhu, H.S., Gerard, B. and Jat, M.L. 2019. Re-designing irrigated intensive cereal systems through bundling precision agronomic innovations for transitioning towards agricultural sustainability in North-West India. Scientific Reports, 9:17929. (IF: 4.01)


  1. Other Publications (Year 2019)


                i.              Books /Monographs 21
              ii.              Technical Bulletin/ Extension Bulletin / Manual 16
            iii.              Book/Manual/Chapters 30
           iv.              Popular Articles 35
             v.              Pamphlets/ Leaflets 05
           vi.              Others (Conference/symposia/seminar) 19