The institute takes prided in having long and short-term collaboration with international organizations. The longest ever collaboration was with International Land Reclamation and Improvement Institute, Wageningen that lasted for about 18 years. Besides the institute has been UNDP center of excellence in water management and was a partner in the European Union project on improving water use efficiency in yellow river basin in China. Currently institute has 9 international projects, prominent amongst these being:

  • Singapore National University (SNU) in the area of wastewater remediation.
  • SAARC Agriculture Centre (SAC) and CSIRO, Australia in cropping systems modeling to promote food security and the sustainable use of water resources in South Asia.
  • Stress tolerant rice for poor farmers of Africa and South Asia (IRRI-BMGF)
  • University of Melbourne, Board of Meteorology and CSIRO, Australia in sustainable management of wastewater through forestry
  • International collaborative programme on testing rice germplasm for coastal salinity (IRSSTN) with IRRI, Philippines