Institute is being approached for consultancies by various organizations including private agencies. The institute has provided consultancies:-

  • IRRI International collaborative programme on testing rice germplasm for coastal salinity (IRSSTN),
  • Advanced cultures on rice for shallow and deep water situations with IRRI, Philippines,
  • BMGF Project on stress tolerant rice for poor farmers in Africa andSouth Asia,
  • Gujarat Narmada Fertilizers & Chemical Limited, Bharuch.
  • Subsurface drainage for heavy soils of Maharashtra

It has been declared as the referral laboratory by the Public Health Department, Haryana for water quality analysis. A large number of sponsored training programmes are being organized by the institute.


An advanced center of post graduate education and research on ‘Irrigation Management’ was established with UNDP support. Under this umbrella and that of Indo-Dutch Network Project on Drainage, the institute entered into MOUs with various SAUs, conventional universities, deemed universities, IITs, IARI to sponsor post graduate students for their thesis work for the award of M. Sc. and Ph. D. degrees. Its faculty was recognized as co-guides. More than 20 Ph. D and 40 M. Tech./M.Sc. students completed research for their degree programmes.