Foreign Funded Research Project

  1. NRMACSSRISOL201601500913. Strategic Research Platform on Climate Smart Agriculture “Developing and defining climate smart agricultural practices portfolios in South Asia”. (P.C. Sharma, Ashim Datta and Madhu Chaudhary) ICAR-CCAFS
  2. NRMACSSRICOP201602200920. Cropping System intensification in the salt-affected coastal zones of Bangladesh and West Bengal, India (LWR/2014/73/KGF). (S. K. Sarangi, D. Burman, U. K. Mandal, Subhasis Mandal and K.K. Mahanta)- ACIAR.
  3. NRMACSSRISOL201801300965. Development of sustainable resource management systems in water vulnerable regions of India. (Team Leader; P.C. Sharma, Dr. R.K. Yadav (PI), D.S. Bundela, Satyendra Kumar, Bhaskar Narjary, Gajender and A.K. Rai) Funded by ICAR-JIRCAS, Japan
  4. NRMACSSRISOL201802000972. Identification of traits, genes, physiological mechanisms to develop climate smart varieties for unfavorable environment. (Krishnamurthy S.L. and P.C. Sharma) -ICAR-IRRI
  5. NRMACSSRICOL201702500949. Development of High Zinc rice varieties.(Krishnamurthy S.L. and P.C. Sharma)-IRRI

International Collaborations

  1. Characterization and mining genetic variability in sugarcane germplasm against abiotic stress (Salinity/Alkalinity and low temperature) under subtropical India (Karnal). [(Ashwani Kumar, Co-PI) collaboration with ICAR-SBI,RRS, Karnal)]
  2. Exploration of medicinal and aromatic plants cultivation under different cropping systems and on marginal and degraded lands of semi-arid regions of India. {(Anil R. Chinchmalatpure, Co-PI) collaboration with ICAR-DMAPR, Anand, Gujarat)
  3. Physiological and biochemical mechanism of salt tolerance in Guinea grass. (Manish Kumar Co-PI) (Collaboration with IGFRI, Jhansi)
  4. QTL mapping and identification of markers linked to salinity tolerance in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.). (Vijayata Singh (Co-PI) and S.K. Sanwal Co-PI) (Collaboration with JAU, Junagarh)
  5. Development and validation of multi-traita allete specific SNP panelfor high through put genotyping of breeding populations in Soybeen (Vijayata Singh (Co-PI) collaboration with ICAR-IISR, Indore)


  1. Subsurface drainage for heavy soils of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, AP & Telangana (Team Leader: PC Sharma DS Bundela (PI), Anil Chinchmalatpure, R. Raju and Sagar D. Vibhute)
  2. Evaluation of BAYER rice hybrids under salinity stress phase II. (P.C. Sharma and Krishnamurthy, S.L.)