Scientist (Genetics and Plant Breeding)

Details of Employment:

S. No. Name of Institute Designation Posted
1 ICAR-Central Soil Salinity Research Institute, Regional Research Station, Canning Town Scientist (Genetics and Plant Breeding) 04-04-2020 to Till Date
2 ICAR-National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, Hyderabad Scientist (on Probation) 07-01-2020 to 03-04-2020



Degree Class/Grade University/Board/Inst. Year
B.Sc.(Agriculture) 1st / 9.31/10.0 TNAU, Coimbatore 2014
M.Sc.(Genetics) 1st / 8.36/10.0 IARI, New Delhi 2016
Ph.D.(Genetics & Plant Breeding) 1st (Distinction) / 8.42/10 IARI, New Delhi 2022


Current Area of Research:

  • Collection, maintenance and evaluation of salt and submergence tolerant rice germplasm of coastal India.
  • Development of rice varieties suited for coastal ecologies through classical as well as molecular breeding approaches
  • Understanding genetics of seedling and reproductive stage salinity tolerance, anaerobic germination, lodging tolerance, low arsenic uptake and submergence tolerance in rice using genome-wide association studies, Meta-QTL analysis and biparental QTL mapping.


Research Projects:

Ongoing (In-house): 1

  • Development of rice genotypes with tolerance to coastal salinity. (NRMACSSRISIL202101201033) – Principal Investigator (2021-2024)


Ongoing (Externally Funded): 2

  • Morphological and molecular characterization of salt tolerant coastal rice landraces. (DST-SERB) – Principal Investigator (2022-2024)
  • Securing the Asian mega-deltas from sea-level rise, flooding, salinization and water insecurity (CGIAR-Funded) – Co-Principal Investigator (2022-2025)


Completed (In-house): 1

  • Exploring production potential of Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) under saline Agro-ecosystems of India. (NRMACSSRISlL202002401015) – Co-Principal Investigator (2020-2023)


Particulars of prizes/medals/scholarships in academic field

  • P. Rangasamy Gold Medal in the year 2014 for Highest marks in ‘Plant Breeding subjects’ in B.Sc.(Agriculture) by AC & RI, TNAU, Madurai
  • “Bihar Gaurav Samman” by Dept. of Education, Govt. of Bihar in 2014 for securing 3rd rank in ICAR-JRF (Plant sciences).
  • “Cumbum M. S. Roja Begum Award” for becoming Best B.Sc.(Agri.) student of Madurai Campus in the year 2015 by TNAU, Coimbatore
  • Received ICAR-JRF, ICAR-IARI Merit Fellowship, CSIR-JRF, CSIR-SRF during academic life from UG to Ph.D.

Training Attended: (9) –Five Recent

  • Training Programme on “Enhancing Pedagogical Competencies for Agricultural Education” being organized by NAAS, New Delhi from 25 – 30 September, 2023.
  • Training Programme on Multivariate Data Analysis (On-line Mode) from 20-27 March, 2023 by ICAR-National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, Hyderabad
  • Twenty one days CAFT Training (Centre for Advanced Faculty Training) on “Advances in statistical techniques for efficient agricultural experimentation” from 04.01.2023 to 24.01.2023 by ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi
  • Online Training programme entitled “Prediction of Non-Coding RNA” during 16th to 18th February, 2022 at ICAR-Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, Library Avenue, Pusa, New Delhi.
  • Online Training entitled “SNP Mining, GWAS and Genomic Selection” during 16th to 21st December, 2021 at ICAR-Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, Library Avenue, PUSA, New Delhi.

Professional recognition:


Membership of Professional Societies
Life Member Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding, New Delhi 2020
Life Member Indian Society of Plant Breeders, Coimbatore 2021
Life Member Indian Society of Coastal Agricultural Research, Canning 2021
Life Member Indian Society of Soil Salinity and Water Quality, Karnal 2021
Members of Executive Council Indian Society of Coastal Agricultural Research, Canning 2023
Member of Editorial Board
Section Editor Journal of Indian Society of Coastal Agricultural Research 2021
Section Editor (Crop Science) Food and Scientific Reports – a monthly multidisciplinary technical electronic magazine 2020
Review Editor Frontiers in Nutrition 2022


List of publications

Research paper (12): Best five

  • Prakash, N.R., Zunjare, R., Muthusamy, V., Chand, G., Kamboj, M.C., Bhat, J.S. and Hossain, F. (2019). Genetic analysis of prolificacy in ‘Sikkim Primitive’ – a prolific maize (Zea mays) landrace of North-Eastern Himalaya. Plant Breeding, 138, 781–789. (NAAS-7.25)
  • Prakash, N.R., Chhabra, R., Zunjare, R., Muthusamy, V., Hossain, F. (2020). Molecular characterization of teosinte branched1 gene governing branching architecture in cultivated maize and wild relatives. 3Biotech,10, 77. (NAAS-7.79)
  • Anilkumar, C., Sah, R.P., Muhammed Azharudheen, T.P., Behera, S., Singh, N., Prakash, N. R., Sunitha, N.C., Devanna, B.N., Marndi, B.C., Patra, B.C., & Nair, S.K. (2022). Understanding complex genetic architecture of rice grain weight through QTL-meta analysis and candidate gene identification. Scientific Reports, 12(1), 1-13. [NAAS Rating – 10.996]
  • Talukder, Z.A., Muthusamy, V., Chhabra, R., Bhatt, V., Reddappa, S.B., Mishra, S.J., Prakash, N.R., Kasana, R., Chauhan, H.S., Mehta, B.K., Guleria, S.K., Zunjare, R.U. & Hossain, F. (2022). Enrichment of amylopectin in sub-tropically adapted maize hybrids through genomics-assisted introgression of waxy1 gene encoding granule-bound starch synthase (GBSS). Journal of Cereal Science, 105, 103443. [NAAS Rating – 10.075]
  • Prakash, N.R., Lokeshkumar, B.M., Rathor, S., Warraich, A.S., Yadav, S., Vinaykumar, N.M., Dushynthkumar, B.M., Krishnamurthy, S.L. & Sharma, P.C. (2022) Meta‐analysis and validation of genomic loci governing seedling and reproductive stage salinity tolerance in rice. Physiologia Plantarum, 174(1), e13629. [NAAS rating – 12.4]



Review Paper (7): Best two

  • Jayaswal, D., Priyadarshini, P., Tilgam, J., Choudhury, S., Yadav, V.K., Noonjingarakuzhi, S.N.,, Kumar, D., Prakash, N.R. & Kumar, K. (2022). Achievements of agricultural biotechnology: An initiative to double the farmer’s income through cutting edge technology. Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics (IJBB), 59(8), 793-799. [NAAS Rating – 7.92]
  • Kumar, P., Choudhary, M., Halder, T., Prakash, N.R., Singh, V., Vineeth, T.V., Sheoran, S., Longmei, N., Rakshit, S. & Siddique, K.H.M. (2022). Salinity stress tolerance and omics approaches: Revisiting the progress and achievements in major cereal crops. Heredity, 128(6), 497-518. [NAAS Rating – 9.832]


Book published: 1

Number of Popular Article published: 11

Number of conference/symposia attended: 13

Mailing Address

ICAR – Central Soil Salinity Research Institute,
Regional Research Station, Canning Town,
South 24 Parganas, West Bengal – 743329, India

Research Gate:

Contact No. +91-7834810111, +91-7678650231