Dr. Kailash Prajapat


Social Science Research

Dr. KailashPrajapat
Sr. Scientist,
Division of Technology Evaluation and Transfer,
Central Soil Salinity Research Institute,
Karnal – 132001 (Haryana)
Tel: +91-184- 2209344,
Fax: +91-184-2290480
E-mail: kailash.prajapat@icar.gov.in; kp.agron@gmail.com
M.Sc. (Ag.) Agronomy
Current Research area:
Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) Awarded by ICAR New Delhi
Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) byICAR, New Delhi
Beast Hindi article by IARI, New Delhiduring 2012-13
Training attended:

  • 15 days (Oct. 24th –Nov. 07th , 2015) Training Programme on Advance course AsiaConservation Agriculture: Gateway for Productive and Sustainable Cropping Systems at Ludhiana.
  • 4 days (March 02- 05, 2016) Training on Recording of Data in Co-ordinated wheat and barley trials and nurseries at IIWBR, Karnal.

1. G.L. Choudhary, K.S. Rana, R.S. Bana and K. Prajapat. 2016. Moisture conservation and zinc fertilization impacts on quality, profitability and moisture use indices of chickpea (Cicerarietinum L.) under limited moisture conditions. Legume Research, 39 (5): 734-740.
2. G.L. Choudhary, K.S. Rana, R.S. Bana, K. Prajapat and A.P. Singh. 2016. Moisture conservation and zinc fertilization impacts on system performance and soil fertility status of pearlmillet-chickpea cropping system under limited moisture conditions. Indian Jounalof Dryland Agriculture Research. & Development, 31(1): 01-08.
3. Prajapat, Kailash, Vyas, A.K. and Shiva Dhar. 2016. Root growth and productivity of wheat, chickpea and potato as influenced by nutrient management practices. International Journal Bio-resource and Stress Management7 (1): 52-59.
4. Prajapat, K., Vyas, A.K. and Shiva Dhar. 2015. Effect of cropping systems and nutrient management practices on growth, productivity, economics and nutrient uptake of soybean (Glycine max). Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 85 (9): 1138–1143.
5. Prajapat, K., Vyas, A.K. and Shiva Dhar. 2014. Productivity, profitability and land-use efficiency of soybean (Glycine max)-based cropping systems under different nutrientmanagement practices. Indian Journal of Agronomy 59 (2): 229-234.


Email: Kailash.prajapat@icar.gov.in

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