Dr. Atiqur Rahman

Principal Scientist



1. Name Dr. Atiqur Rahman
2. Designation Principal Scientist
3. Date of birth 10-01-1970
4. Official  Address ICAR-CSSRI, RRS,

Old Jail road, PO; Dilkusha,

Lucknow-226002, Uttar Pradesh

5. Residential Address Plot No.16

Mohdpur Khatri

Off A.K.P. Gas Godown

Kanchana Bihari Marg, Seemant Nagar, Kalyanpur (West),Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, 226022

  1. Academic qualification
Degree Name of university Passing year Division/OGPA
B.Sc. University of Lucknow, Lucknow 1990 1st 
M.Sc. (Physics) University of Lucknow, Lucknow 1993 1st 
Ph.D. (Physics)) University of Lucknow, Lucknow 2005 1st


  1. Date of joining in the ICAR                              03 February, 1997
  1. Service Experience


Pay Scale/

Pay Band with Grade Pay/Research Grade Pay/Pay Level

Nature of work Organization/









Principal Scientist


Rs 37400-67000+10000


Research and Extension ICAR-CSSRI, RRS Lucknow 23/03/2023 Till date
Principal Scientist


Rs 37400-67000+10000


Research, and Extension ICAR-Research Complex for Eastern Region, Patna 03.02.2012 22.03.2023
Senior Scientist Rs 37400-67000+9000


Research, and Extension ICAR-Research Complex for Eastern Region, Patna 03.02.2009 03.02.2012
Senior Scientist Rs 12000-18500 Research, and Extension ICAR-Research Complex for Eastern Region, Patna 03.02.2006 02.02.2009
Scientist (SS) Rs 10000-15200 Research and Extension ICAR-Research Complex for Eastern Region, Patna 03-02-2001 02-02-2006
Scientist Rs 8000-13200 Research and Extension Directorate of Water Management Research, Patna 03-02-1997 02-02-2001

 10.   Specialization

              Solar energy application in agriculture and pressurized irrigation system

11.   Significant achievements

Working on solar energy application in agriculture d, designed and developed solar aerator for fish pond, solar watering system for animal shed, solar humidifier for animal shed, solar irrigation system models, peripatetic solar fish vending cart, design and development of weeder for row crops, solar integrated fish farming model, developed two irrigation nozzles and irrigation system for field crops.

12.   Mailing address

ICAR CSSRI Regional Research Station, Old Jail Road, PO Dikusha, Lucknow-226002 Uttar Pradesh, India


Email:  rahman_patna@yahoo.co.in; atikur.rahman@icar.gov.in


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