Research priority setting, monitoring and evaluation (PME) is an effective tool to assist research managers for priority focused research resource allocations, relevance, monitoring and evaluation of research projects and accountability in the system. The PME Cell has been constituted in the Institute with the aim of dealing with all project related matters concerning the Scientists and entrusted with the compilation, generation and publication of various important documents of the Institute.

Brief functions of the PME cell are:

To advise the Director on all aspects related to technical management which include:

  • To maintain the database of projects, technology developed
  • Holding of important meetings such as RAC and IRC to recommend the research priorities and  synthesize the recommendations
  • To coordinate and prepare Monthly, Quarterly and Six monthly target/ achievements reports
  • Annual  monitoring of each on-going project, maintaining RPP’s and evaluate completed projects through PMC
  • Issues related to Institute Technology Management Unit and Consultancy

Constitution of the PME Cell





Dr. Subhasis Mandal

Head(A) SSR & Officer-in-Charge


Dr. Raj Kumar (Agroforestry)

Senior Scientist,  Division of Soil & Crop Management


Dr. Krishnamurthy, S.L

Scientist (Sr. Scale), Division of Crop Improvement


Mr. Vinod Kumar

Technical Officer
5. Dr. Manisha Sr. Technical Assistant
6. Mr. Yudhvir Singh Ahlawat Technician/Publication & Multimedia Incharge/ PRO