• Project Name:   Dicision Support System for Enhancing Producitivity in Irrigated Saline Environment using Remote Sensing Modiling and GIS

PI: Dr. D.S. Bundela

  • Project Name:   Development of Spectral Replication Methods and Low Cost Sensors for Real-Time Application of variable rate inputs in precession farming

CPI:  Dr. Madhurama Sethi

  • Project Name:   Strategies for Sustainable Management of Diagnosis Coastal land and water for enhancing livelihood secunity of farming communities

CCPI:  Dr. B.K. Bandopadhaya

  • Project Name:   Holistic Approach for Improving Livelihood Secunity through livelihood based farming system in Barakambi and Raibrali district of Uttar Pradesh

CCPI:  Dr. T. Damodaran