SCIENTIST (Soil Science/Agriculture Chemistry)

Dr. Arijit Barman
Scientist (Soil Science)
Soil and Crop Management Division,
Central Soil Salinity Research Institute,
Karnal – 132001, Haryana,
Mob:   9868071806 (Home), 01842209360 (Office),

Current Research Area:

Spectral Characteristics of Salt Affected Soils via Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Modelling salinity effects based on soil reflectance
Mapping of problem soil and groundwater using GIS


Sc. (Ag.) in Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry (BHU University)
D. in Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry (IARI Institute)

Major Research Accomplishments:

Increase in salt concentration had lower reflectance value due to retention of moisture and resulting hygroscopity
Prominent absorption band were found at 1400, 1900, 2200 nm but high correlation of ECe, saturated extract Na+ and Cl with soil reflectance values was found between 1420 to 2020 nm

At 1900 nm the shifting of higher wavelengths were found to correlate well with increase in salt concentration


BHU Medal- 2012 for standing first in Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry at M.Sc. (Ag.), Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

INSPIRE Fellowship for pursuing Ph. D. in Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi.

CSIR Junior Research Fellowship – 2012, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi, India.

Junior and senior Research Fellowship – 2010 and 2014, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, India.

Zonal Awards – 2013 (from north zone) of the Indian Society of Soil Science for best presentation of M.Sc. dissertation.

Best Poster Award in the International Conference (ICILUPSA-2016), Indian Society of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning (ISSLUP) from poster session-III of Land Use Planning and Policies for Food Securities, Nagpur, India.

Training conducted:

Acted as a co-course director in an International Training Programme for AARDO member countries on “Use of Poor Quality Water in Agriculture” during 10 – 24 November 2017

Trainings attended:

ICAR Sponsored Training Programme on “Advanced Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Integrated Land Resource Management” conducted by the Division of Remote Sensing Application, ICAR-NBSS&LUP, Nagpur, during 17-07-2017 to 29-07-2017


Papers in research journals (national/international):

Barman, A., Pandey, R.N., Singh, B. and Das, B. 2017. Manganese deficiency in wheat genotypes: Physiological responses and manganese deficiency tolerance index. Journal of Plant Nutrition 40(19): 2691 – 2708.

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Technical/Popular articles:

Barman, A., Mandal, A.K., Srivastava, R., Yadav, R.K. and Sharma, P.C. 2017. Soil salinity characterization using hyper-spectral remote sensing data. ICAR News 23(4): 11 – 12.

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Singh, A., Singh, A.P., Singh, V., Barman, A., Vibhute, S. and Tolia, R.S. 2016. Biochar for Soil Health Enhancement and Crop Productivity Improvement. Innovative Farming 1(4): 137–140.